Sunday, 1 July 2012

Urmston Bookshop

Cochoco chocolates on sale at
Urmston Bookshop.
Here's to new beginnings!
There’s something magical about good quality independent bookshops. The moment you enter, there is a frissance akin to the excitement that precedes a journey. You know you are going to discover something that will take you on an adventure. Or even better, you discover a perfect adventure, wrap it up in your own words of salutation and give it to a small child or loved one.

As independent bookshops go, they don’t get much better than my local one, Urmston Bookshop, run by Peter and Francis. There are always wonderful books, gifts and people in their book shop. It was a delight to take in a supply of chocolates and meet a children’s author, Steve Hartley, in the process.

Tipsy Raspberry Chocolates,
Aniseed Truffles, Lime Chocolates and
Butterscotch Chocolates

So… here we are. The beginning of an adventure as Urmston Bookshop take on my chocolates and the people of Urmston decide whether they are worth a good measure of their hard earned cash!

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