Friday, 13 July 2012

Chocolate Boxes

I have been taken by surprise with a flurry of 'made to order' chocolate requests. I have just come through the other side feeling surprisingly transformed by the experience of creating something from nothing for the enjoyment of others.

I set out in the sunshine yesterday evening with this completed box of chocolates on the passenger seat of my car. Sometimes journeys create a calm suspension of time, setting a passenger still despite the steady rush of earth and sky, landscape and industry whizzing by.

After the busy, busy weeks behind me, I found myself calm, floating over the world as it rolled by beneath my tyres.

A pause.

A chance to feel a genuine sense of achievement.

To feel truly fortunate.


  1. Gorgeous presentation, well done you. Only sorry they weren't for me but being your mum will intitle me to some another time?

    1. Being my Mum, you have a lot to answer for!!! :-D

      I don't think you've been doing too badly for chocolate samples of late, n'est pas?

      love from me xxx

  2. you have make really great design. I`ll try to make such. London Fancy Box

  3. Cath that box of chocolates looks gorgeous. I tried some of the tangerine ones at weekend...Adelle said they were her favourite and I can see or should I say taste why, they were like a little piece of heaven :-) x

  4. Thank you, Karen :)

    I'm on making a few boxes at the moment. In fact it's chocolate around the clock these days as I've been working on 240 chocolates for a wedding in Birmingham.

    Little did I know when I started twiddling with chocolate that it would lead to this!