Monday, 6 May 2013

Awake! There is chocolate!

So where did the blog go? Last entry July 2012?

I confess, there was always a strong possibility that I would struggle to maintain the blog. In fact, in the early days I wondered if I would maintain the chocolate making. There is the full time job to focus on and a promotion in November has taken some adjustment.

Good news though: albeit in fits and starts and never to a set pattern or routine, chocolate making has continued! I am proud of this small achievement. It's loosely a journey of:

1) having the idea and plenty of bubbles of excitement
2) developing the product, suppliers, packaging etc
3) establishing a customer base, the market
4) growth planning

I'm still at 2, and in danger of staying there forever. It's a happy place to be - developing, experimenting, learning. But if I had to make my living from making chocolates I'd have gone bust a long time ago.

So why blog today? Well, on Saturday my microwave went off like a firework and died. So today (bank holiday Monday in the UK) I bought a brand new shiny microwave and thought a formal launch before the chocolate sets sail again was appropriate.

I hereby declare the new microwave set up and ready to temper. Chocolate on!!!