Friday, 15 June 2012

Rain, rain go away...

Where is the sunshine? Please come back, my new air conditioning unit has arrived and the 'Blind man' has measured up for a fitting on Friday.

I'm not one for wishing the sun away but the cold spell did allow the chocolate making to progress to dizzy heights last Sunday. My slippers are wearing quite a bit of it but fortunately most of the chocolate ended up where it is supposed to! This frenzy of chocolate making is due to a wonderful chance meeting in the post office queue. Thank you lovely Tracy for making a 'first ever' come to life by asking me to put a box of chocolates together for a birthday gift.

I wish I had the sense to photograph the finished piece but I think after 10 hours of chocolate making my brain was scrambled! So you'll have to imagine the very pretty square box with two layers of six chocolates and 3 tasting bars with a hand written 'menu' and fancy ribbons.

And on the inside... Vanilla Lime Dark Chocolates, Butterscotch Marbled Chocolates, Chilli Truffles and the lovely Tipsy Raspberry Chocolates.

I have given myself a good talking to and promise to supply photos next time!

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